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frm SGD$830

Price Guide

frm SGD$1288

8D Korea Magical Winter & Jeju Island

Jeju Island home to many of the recently listed UNESCO Heritage Sites. Hike up Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak), the rapeseed field, tangerine farm, Teddy Bear Museum are just some highlights of this exciting program. And your winter holiday will not be complete without a visit to the ski slope to experience the thrill of snow skiing. Join us for a fun-filled winter holiday in Korea and savor the sight & sound of Korea. And, of course, the ever famous Korean food. KIMCHI!

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Flights 航班 :

  • KE 646: SIN 01:30 - SEL 08:35
  • GMP - CJU > T.B.A.
  • CJC - GMP > T.B.A.
  • KE 645: SEL 18:35 - SIN 23:59

Taxes & Surcharges 税和附加费 : Estimated @ $385

Package inclusive of:

  • All attractions entrance fee
  • Ski Equipment
  • Ski Suit
  • 6 breakfast (5 hotel breakfast) / 4 Lunches / 5 Dinners

Upgrades include 特别餐:

All hotel breakfasts in hotels & resorts except 1 in Jeju (Abalone Porridge)  
Meals worth more than $120.00
  • Pumpkin smoked-duck with bamboo rice and seasonal vegetable
  • Jeju Seafood Sashimi Feast with Hotpot
  • Ginseng Chicken Soup with Abalone
  1. 特殊風味大餐:南瓜熏鸭+竹筒饭+季节小菜。
  2. 生猛海鲜大餐:季节性生鱼片,海鲜火鍋,海螺,涼拌海帶,烤鱼,壽司,煎餅,季节小菜,沙拉等。
  3. 人蔘炖鸡湯 + 鲍鱼。



Hot Spring Experience

Soak in the Korea’s therapeutic Hot Spring! It not only relieves stress but also serves as a fun, healthy travel experience especially on a cold snowy day. Don’t forget to bring your own swimwear & swimming cap to enjoy the facilities!

Skiing Experience

Brace yourself for a wondrous & exhilarating Skiing experience, a favorite Korean’s winter sport. Either take your time to master the strokes, or build your own snowman by the side, the winter airlift your spirit high!

Our ski package is inclusive of ski equipment & ski suit.

Gondola Ride

Gondola is a used in the ski resort for transport the skiiers to the top of the resort highest peak. During our tour we will take a return trip to the top for a breathtaking panoramic view of the ski resort.

Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak)

Houseback Riding

Experience horseback riding on the Jeju native breed horse.


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8D Korea Magical Winter & Jeju Island

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